The Fall

Stories of The Fall are varied and many. Every race has their own version based on how they were affected, but all agree on the major points.

In the Second Age, a group of highmen and elvenkind gathered together with a common purpose. These separatists felt the mores of their respective races to be restrictive and desired the right to experiment and expand their horizons beyond the boundaries set by their leaders, holy and secular. The elevenkind renegades, with their skill at crafting plants and land, turned their crafts to living creatures. The highmen delved into eldritch mysteries, seeking dark secrets and greater magic. The groups combined their talents and began to take steps into the realms until now reserved for the gods… fleshcrafting.

They sent covert teams to kidnap members of the other races (for the separatists now felt themselves so removed from their former lives as to be a “better” species, unbound by the “petty” morals of their ancestors). These slave takers returned on a semi-regular basis with highmen, elvenkind, and dwarven subjects for the renegades’ vile procedures.

From the dwarves were crafted a more suitable servant race in the orcs. Strong and subservient, at least in the beginning, this new race bred true and validated the renegades’ twisted views in their own eyes. They continued to work their fleshcraft, further twisting their creations…

The hobgoblins were formed to create a standing army.
The blood orcs were crafted as guards for the “nobility” and as gladiators for their perverse entertainment.
Goblins were created to act as support staff for both the renegades and the army.

Halflings were seen as a mistake, an attempt to blend elvenkind and highmen. But, the renegades’ desire for a servant race that would be small and unobtrusive in their duties resulted in the halflings. Their strong individualism conflicted with the renegades’ desires and they were cosigned to extinction. But, their stealthy nature allowed some to escape and it was these brave souls that alerted the other races to the renegades’ plans and works.

The result was war.

The combined forces of highmen and elvenkind were outraged at the separatists’ behavior and actions. The dwarves were split… many felt the allied forces were justified in their march to battle, feeling fury over the stories of the atrocities committed against their kin. But, there were some clans that desired no part of the “lankind’s” conflict, seeing it as none of their concern. These clans delved deeper into their dwarfholds, walling them against the outside world.

For those that marched, the allied armies’ retribution was swift and brutal… but they were not prepared for the creations of the fleshcrafters.

Hobgoblins and blood orcs were only the first creatures to oppose the allied armies. Certain of the fleshcrafters had foreseen such a conflict and worked their vile magics to create the giants as living war machines, able to smash through the allied lines and fortifications with depressing ease. As the war raged on, the renegades delved deeper into the forbidden depths of magic. They infused the dead of both sides with dark energies and the first undead arose on Eorde.

On and on the struggle persisted. Years turned into decades. The renegades’ forces grew as they converted prisoners into more twisted creations and raised the dead to fight on. The highmen knew the longer the war raged, the more likely the renegades were to succeed in overtaking the world. They began to craft a spell… one so great that the very fabric of reality could be torn asunder were it to fail. It required the greatest of the highmen mystics to delve into the same forbidden knowledge the renegades had been probing for years. The mystics knew their work would forever change the face of Eorde and all who lived upon it. They could not risk the alternative.

The Three took notice once work upon the great spell began. The ripples spread throughout the planes. The Three saw what transpired and knew the consequences of the mystics’ actions. They decided to act and combined their power, drawing from the fears and nightmares of all their creations. They spent much of their power in the deed and the result would echo throughout all time… the dragons were born.

The great dragons spread across the world, bringing divine retribution to the renegades and their creations. But, some were inspired by the horrors they found and escalated their wrath upon the allied races, bringing death and destruction to those who, in the dragons’ eyes had not done enough to stem the tide of evil in their kin. For months, these rogue dragons brought further ruin to the allied lands as their loyal kin continued to raze the renegades’ holdings.

The Three were too weakened by their creative feat to exert the proper influence upon the rogue dragons. They acted again, expending the rest of their divine might in a two-fold plan… with the first part, empowering the loyal dragons to turn their wrath upon their rogue kin. Thus the rage of the dragons was brought to an end.

The second combined the essence of the Three into a single being. The Maker was born.

After the dragons went into seclusion to recover, the remaining members of the races slowly began to rebuild. The lingering effects of the war and The Fall would last until the present day.

The Fall

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