Tarken was a legend in his own time, living to become the last of the highmen.

His was one of the only dissenting voices amongst the archmages during the planning and research for the great spell that ended in The Fall. Tarken railed against the archmages, pleading with them to see the consequences they could unleash.

Once the decision had been made to proceed with the spell, Tarken left the archmages to their task, bitterly cursing their hubris. He embarked on a quest to eradicate the renegades before the spell was finished, hoping his efforts might reign in what he saw as a needlessly dangerous course of action. Tarken became known as a great leader during his quest, always found in the heart of any action against their enemy. His rapport with those who followed him was strong and their loyalty unwavering. Tarken rose to become a famed hero and leader of the civilized peoples.

In the days before The Fall, it was Tarken who led the fabled Assault of the Dawn Company, striking at the very heart of the renegades’ vile laboratories. The Assault prevented the elven traitors from utilizing a weapon of untold power, known only as the Godslayer. But, during the battle, Tarken was grievously wounded by the blade of a traitorous warlock, the injury infused with dark magics.

It is believed that these foul energies were what shielded Tarken from the effects of the great spell’s failure. Somehow, he retained his magical abilities and vitality. Though weakened by the wound, Tarken was instrumental in keeping the survivors of dragons’ rage safe and ready to rebuild once the threat had passed. Over the years, as the dragons retreated and the races began to reconstruct their lives, Tarken continued to lend his aid to all who asked, though his injury continued to sap his strength.

In his last days, the hero left the fledgling cities to seek some unknown goal in the wilderness. Tarken was never seen again by any living today.

His name and the legacy of his deeds gave rise to the Tarkenian Regions, the lands protected by his spell and blade.

Tarken unknowingly had also gained a following amongst the survivors, leading to a cult of sorts that revered him as a god among men. Over time, this cult grew to a true faith.
The Tarkenites revered Tarken as a true god, seeing his departure as a sign of trust in his followers to guide the civilized peoples along the path he had lain before them.

The first Tarkenite cleric to exhibit divine powers was a woman named Lyira Koldstone, a human of the city that would become known as Aelwyne. The Tarkenites quickly gained popularity, and with it power, amongst the local people. The Tarkenite church was well and truly founded and the religion spread outward.

The Tarkenites persist to the present day as one of the very few rivals to the Church of the Maker’s influence. Though fewer in number, the followers of Tarken are zealous and loyal to one another.




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