Humans are the descendants of the highmen, one of the first races. Far diminished from their origins, the humans are the most numerous of the races, quickly reproducing and living out their lives driven by an unconscious desire to reclaim their heritage.

The Highmen

The highmen were one of the first races, created by the Shepherd. Each race was given a boon by their maker. The highmen were imbued with the ability to wield magics beyond those of any other. The greatest among them were the archmages, wizards of prodigious power, able to shape the very fabric of reality itself.

It was the archmages who formed many of the great wonders of Eorde. And they were the final straw that brought about The Fall.

The highmen, in their desperation, turned to the archmages to find a solution to the renegades and their fleshcrafters. A council was convened and the archmages formed a plan… they would create a spell that would bring an end to the conflict in a single stroke.

The danger was great. If the spell failed, the repercussions would ripple throughout the fabric of the Material Plane. Existence itself could come to a fiery end. But, the archmages were willing to take such a terrible risk.

The Three saw the end result and knew they must act. The Fall came and the spell failed. The ripples were contained within the highmen themselves. Never again would they be able to wield the truly great magics. And their lifespans were drastically reduced, becoming only a shadow of their former selves.

The humans were all that remained. Still, the human race shows the greatest affinity to wield the magics of Eorde. Whispers abound of those among the mages who practice the old arts and seek to find ways to recreate the great spells of old. Such practices are carefully monitored by the Mage Academy, lest the seekers stray into the forbidden studies that led to The Fall.


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