The monstrous humanoid peoples found themselves aimless and leaderless in the days after The Fall. With their former masters dead or fleeing and their way of life in tatters, the hobgoblins emerged as the new leaders of the diverse masses. Having been raised to live a spartan and military life, they used the lessons their old masters had taught them to bring order from the chaos of the early days.

The initial days were brutal and savage, the hobgoblin generals forming bands and fighting endlessly amongst each other. The hobgoblins had been raised and taught nothing but war and conquest. They ruled with an iron fist and instilled loyalty and discipline through fear and violence. But, over time, this proved an ineffective system of governing and the hobgoblin leaders saw their numbers dwindling and their armies deserting to form their own clans or live by their own rules.

The greatest generals, the ones who could see beyond simply planning the next battle, gathered together for a conclave. A fragile peace was formed and the generals divided the territories between themselves, promising that they would leave each other alone to build their societies and create a true order amongst the monstrous peoples. This peace lasted nearly a decade.

No one truly knows who drew first blood. The topic was hotly debated, but the only answer came in a renewed war between the fledgling clans. For untold years, the monstrous peoples fought, formed new clans from the ashes of the old, broke apart, and reformed again. If a strong leader had emerged during this period who could have united the disparate beings, the “civilized” races in the east would have stood little chance to rebuild.

It wasn’t until such a leader emerged from the lowest of the hobgoblin ranks that a sense of order returned. Sauchi now stands as ruler amongst the monstrous peoples of the Dureg Region, a brutal parody of the city-states of the east. Other hobgoblins live in the Darklands, holding their own clans together by whatever means necessary. Raiding bands led by ambitious hobgoblins are an uncommon, but far from rare, sight in the wilds of the Tarkenian Regions. Even the fabled Mercenaries’ Guild may find pause at a direct attack on these bandit groups.

In most cases, the hobgoblins live a life defined by a militaristic structure. They strive to recapture the days before The Fall. For without rules, even ruthless and uncompromising ones, how can life flourish?


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