The dwarven race has changed little since before The Fall. They are the only remaining of the original races that still maintains their boon to a high degree.

The dwarves were created by the Builder to be remarkably tough and stalwart, resistant to change and able to focus on a task to a singular degree beyond the ability of any other race. This boon allowed the dwarves to make great advancements in mathematics and architecture, creating wonders that could last centuries without using any magics in the process. Their understanding of the movements of the stars, celestial bodies, and even the other planes was unparalleled. The highmen and elves held dwarven counsel in high esteem, with many disagreements lastingly settled by dwarven advocates.

After the Fall, the dwarves continued on much as they always had, though somewhat diminished due to the stresses of the wars and rebuilding. Unfortunately, the many dwarfholds that once dotted the landscape were lost to drow, duergar, and worse.

The dwarves also hold a particular prejudice against the orc race, blood or otherwise. While most will not attack an orc on sight in the civilized lands, it is rare that a dwarf and an orc will ever find mutual terms, or that an orc would be welcome in a dwarven establishment. Violence between the two races is unfortunately all too common.

Today, most dwarves live in the capital cities of the varied city-states (or in the remaining dwarfhold of Snowmont), preferring the close comforts of the buildings of the city to the openness of the smaller villages.


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