Blood Orc

The renegade fleshcrafters were a contentious lot, scheming and stealing any ideas or material they could from their rivals. At the height of their pre-war power, the delicate stability of their covert society was rapidly fraying. A small cabal of the fleshcrafters formed in order to find a way to avert the coming dissolution into chaos.

Their answer was the blood orc. A stronger, more vicious version of the servant/soldier class created years before, the blood orc was crafted with a weakness to mind manipulating magics and a fierce loyalty to their chosen master was instilled within every newborn through said magics. Their loyalty was further enhanced through a course of cruel tests to weed out any traitorous thoughts and assure only the strongest survived.

The first of this new breed were gifted to the greatest among the renegades. The most powerful of the fleshcrafters and archmages were mollified with these new servants, a cadre of bodyguards who were dedicated only to the survival of their masters. Further generations were then sold to the highest bidders, either to keep up with their rivals or to replace those lost to the machinations of the competition. The blood orcs were a fertile race, needing the ability to repopulate the constantly lost numbers… but such a system brought balance to the renegade’s social order. The constant skullduggery resulted in spilling the blood of their elite guards instead of their uncaring masters.

After The Fall, the blood orcs found themselves no longer shackled under the heel of their former taskmasters. The loyalty that had been so strongly instilled into their very marrow had no ruler on which to place it. That fealty turned away from outside influences and was directed inward, creating an adherence to family and the clans that formed.

Over time, the blood orcs’ struggles against other clans and the monsters that roamed the Darklands gave rise to the overclans of today, a grouping of smaller clans that pledged loyalty to each other for protection and strengthening the lands they had fought so hard to claim.

Today, 4 overclans remain:

The Crimson Wing Horde, so called for their tradition of performing the “blood raven’s sacrifice” with the leaders of any foe they defeat in battle.

The Light Arrow Kin, who are infamous for their flaming projectile barrages.

The Dark Stalker Kin, the smallest of the overclans, but possibly the most feared. Their Gloom Foe warriors are masters of stealth and assassination, often leaving opposing armies leaderless in the night with not a trace of their presence. Such practices have many times broken a superior foe before ever meeting on the battlefield.

The last of the overclans is also the largest, known as the Children of the Bitter Hounds. The clans under their banner are numerous and spread far and wide across Eorde. They were the first to ally with Sauchi and were instrumental in the founding of the city-state of the Dureg Region. Their members make up most of the blood orc population within.

Within each overclan are numerous smaller clans, but these exist now more as ways to differentiate the blood orcs within, much like family names among other races. Loyalty to the overclan takes precedence above all.

Blood Orc

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