Bahrendor Veraxus


Orphaned as a child on the streets of Redkeep, Bahrendor has fought to keep herself and her brother, Rhosashi alive the only way she knows how to: through deception, stealth and outright thievery. Always an outsider and spurned for her heritage, she has developed a distaste for most of the residents of Redkeep and feels justified in her larceny and trickery of those who look down on her kind. While her brother entered into the fighting area to flaunt his rage and prowess for the masses, she slunk into the shadows to enact her own brand of justice upon the sneering masses.

Unlike her brother, who was born with the imposing frame and strength of her kind, Bahrendor was born weak and frail. However, her small size is a benefit in the city, as it allows her to move more easily amongst the citizens without notice. She often disguises herself as a victim of Tarken’s Blight, a debilitating disease that causes cracking skin lesions that ache under the sunlight forcing those afflicted to completely cover their skin in clothing. This practice caused her to cross paths with Lydia Sarkka, a Tarkenite priestess who operates their mission in Redkeep and is hoping to find a way to cure the disease using the knowledge held in the Ashik College. The two have formed a friendship and Bahrendor has lent her skills to the mission’s aid in their travels to the ancient library. She has also taken a great interest in the arcane knowledge found within.

When not aiding the mission, Bahrendor spends much of her time at the Arena, keeping an eye on Rhosashi and taking what she can from patrons. Those who would mock his race from the stands may very well find their coin purse a bit lighter or a treasured keepsake lost forever.

Bahrendor Veraxus

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