Cipriano Vesconi


Third son of a merchant family (The Vesconi of Redkeep), and thus deemed not very important to the family’s legacy, Cipriano was largely left to his own devices as a youngster. With the his two brothers (Luca and Niccolo) being pushed into the family business, Cipriano instead turned his efforts to a more academic approach. He started with a traditional tutelage of history, mathematics, and astronomy.

Cipriano soon progressed into study of the arcane, and was quickly shipped off to the Mage Academy to enroll. Ever left out of the discussions of family politics and business, he quickly found his passion for uncovering lost and hidden knowledge within the School of Diviners. There Cipriano began his studies of divination, the secrets of the arcane, and the knowledge hidden within the stars.

Two years have passed and now Cipriano has returned to Redkeep to witness his brother Luca’s formal appointment as the head of the Vesconi household and heir to the Vesconi business.

Cipriano Vesconi

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