The Spider Queen

The Spider Queen is the drow demigod, worshipped by virtually all the dark elves.

The Spider Queen was once an actual drow queen. During her reign, she brought the drow back from the brink of destruction at the hands of the grey dwarves. Her leadership and magical skill was instrumental in defeating the aggressive forces of the dwarves. After their defeat, she managed to unite the houses for a time, keeping order through brutal acts against any dissenters and careful manipulation of the loyalists. Over time, a cult formed within the houses, viewing the queen as a divine being sent to lead the drow back into their rightful place as rulers of the lesser races. After her death, the cult continued, bringing more and more into the worship of the great drow queen.

Her actual name was carefully and purposefully erased from all documents to encourage the notion that their queen had not died, but ascended to a state beyond the realm of the living. It was not long before this devotion formed around the queen’s wayward soul and empowered it with the reverence of countless drow. The newly reborn Spider Queen formed a realm of her own from the formless substance of the Outer Realms and the Demonweb Pits were created.

Channeling the power of her devotees, she empowered certain of her worshippers and the first spider clerics were created. These adherents were universally female, embodying the virtues of the drow society… manipulative, intelligent, beautiful and utterly amoral. The Spider Queen’s church became the single unifying force among the houses and once again, the dark elves began to plot their return to glory on the surface world…



The Spider Queen

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