The Order of Balda

In the years before The Fall, Eorde was not free of monsters. Though most associate the creations of the fleshcrafters with the moniker, true monsters stalked the lands before the renegades’ foul magics were being formed.

The Primordial Dark, in its ever present anger and resentment of the creations of the Three, birthed its own entities. These creatures were varied and powerful, seeking only to cause chaos and destruction upon the works of the true gods.

From among the highmen, a group was formed to combat these abominations. Led by Balda, a fierce highwoman of surpassing martial skill and magical abilities, the Order decimated the plague of dark-kin. Over time, the Order of Balda developed a form of combat fusing martial prowess with eldritch talent. This technique was passed down to later generations, becoming a hereditary trait of the descendants of the original Order.

After The Fall, the Order passed into memory, though remnants of their arts continued through a few devotees. To this day, those who discover a way to fuse magic into their martial skills are known as eldritch knights. Though few in number, the scattered devotees of the ancient Order continue to seek out such individuals in order to teach them about their abilities and pass on knowledge of their heritage.

The Order of Balda

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