The Maker

The Maker is the primary deity of the “civilized” humanoid races of Eorde, the only “true” god in existence. The Maker is worshiped as a single entity and as various Aspects of its being.

The Three in One

Before the creation of Eorde, The Maker was not one, but three separate beings: The Shepherd, the Guidance and the Builder. These gods fought against the Primordial Dark, the embodiment of the chaos and vast empty expanse of what constituted reality. Over countless eons, the beings fought against each other, neither side able to truly gain a foothold over the other.

The Three then formed a plan, one that could hold back the Primordial Dark, though not destroy it. They pooled their power and created the Prime Material Plane. In this infant reality, they brought many worlds and stars into being. The residual creative magics pooled around the plane and gave rise to the Inner and Outer Planes, realities more concentrated on a singular aspect than the Material Plane. The Three turned their focus upon a single planet… Eorde.

There, they crafted three races of beings… the Shepherd formed the highmen; the Guidance shaped the elvenkind; the Builder forged the dwarves. Through these races, the Three could funnel a portion of their power, giving life to the universe and pushing back the Primordial Dark. The Dark could not stand the light of life, burned by its very presence. It retreated to the Far Realm in the darkened corners of reality to wait and simmer in its newfound hatred….

So began the First Age…

Over time, the races grew in power and number. They crafted great wonders, mastered powerful magics, and formed great kingdoms. Then, came the Second Age and the Fall.

A group of highmen and elvenkind grew haughty in their power and tried to act as the gods. They created races through foul magic and technology. Through these creations, they made war upon the rest of the world for daring to question their actions. Though fewer in number, their vile achievements gave them a vast advantage. The highmen grew desperate and began to craft a great spell, one so powerful it could potentially destabilize the Material Plane itself.

The Three had watched this war and waited, hoping their creations could work out their differences and return to the peace of the First Age. Alas, it was not to be. Seeing the potential of the great spell the highmen were forging, the Three decided to act. Pooling their power and drawing upon the collected nightmares of their progeny, the gods formed a solution to the war that raged upon Eorde. They brought into being the dragons.

Their plan worked. The great dragons brought swift retribution to the arrogant races, bringing them low and destroying many of their greatest accomplishments. But, the gods were weakened by their expenditure and, in this depleted state, were unable to control that which they had unleashed. The dragons raged upon the world, punishing all who dared to exist in their sight.

The Fall came to Eorde.

The Three found the only solution to stop the dragons’ rage. Again the gods united their essence, but this time, to a different outcome. The Three died that day and were reborn as one. As The Maker, a god of a single purpose and multiple Aspects.

Aspects of The Maker

The Architect of Dwarves – Knowledge domain
The Empyrean Fury – Tempest domain
The Father of Man – Light domain
The Guile of the Heavens – Trickery domain
The Heart of the World – Nature domain
The Mother of Elves – Life domain
The Wrath of Dragons – War domain

The true god

The Maker is a “true god,” meaning no worship is needed for the Maker’s existence or power, unlike the demigods. Those who worship The Maker, or any Aspect thereof, do so out of a true reverence for the deity. While acolytes of The Maker are relatively widespread and able to wield some minor magics that spring from The Maker, true clerics are rarer. One must have a deep and abiding faith in The Maker (or an Aspect) in order to call upon the greater magics and are dedicated to the faith.

The Maker

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