The Church of The Maker

The Church of the Maker is the most widely practiced religion amongst the humanoids in the Tarkenian Regions. Temples dedicated to the Maker are found in all but the most remote of villages in every city-state.


The Church has, over time, become a vast and complex entity. While most of the smaller temples in the rural areas have tenets that (mostly) closely follow the doctrines set out in the writings of the Holy Prophets, the larger temples, especially the High Temple, have far more complex rules for their adherents, worshiper and clergy alike.

The tenets primarily deal with proper worship of the Maker and the application of the Aspects in daily life.

High Temple

The High Temple of the Maker is located in Esterfall, a city-state that is partially under the rule of the Pastorate of the Aspects.

The High Temple is a massive structure, with seven spires representing each Aspect of the Maker. The Arbiters offices are on the top floor of their respective spires. The High Priest, Artem Vilho, has an office and chambers in the central chamber of the Temple.

The clergy that inhabit and operate in the Temple number enough to comprise a small army, including clerics of considerable divine power.

The Procurators primarily operate out of several smaller offices throughout the city. However, twice a week, the Principal Procurators meet in the High Temple to compare notes, discuss current and upcoming cases, and propose any changes to by-laws or city law deemed appropriate based on recent interpretation of said laws.

The Pastorate of the Aspects

Eventide Supplication

Healing magic, while more common than many types, is still a limited resource. Even the most powerful of clerics cannot heal everyone who sustains an injury.

Most lower clergy who can wield divine magic try and use any healing for those that are truly in need. Some, usually in the smaller temples, will only ask that those who receive their healing give what they can in tithe. Others are more stringent in their applications and require any who seek their magic to give the proscribed payment before they will assist.

However, a precedent was set many decades ago by a forward thinking High Priest to prevent any overly zealous clerics from withholding healing from any who could or would not pay in some form.

The Church’s clerics pray at sunset for their spells. Thus, for most, in the evening they have no further use for any remaining magics. Thus a practice known as the Eventide Supplication. Any who are suffering from an injury or disease may come in the hour before sunset and ask for healing magics from the clergy. Those in the gravest conditions are given aid freely, based on the judgement of the highest ranking priest in attendance. No compensation is asked from those who receive this healing, though many will give what they can once they have been mended.

In larger temples, this is a somber and formal ceremony. Supplicants, or their advocates, must arrive early in order to present their case. Those chosen are brought to the clerics. Any not chosen are allowed to stay to present their cases again with priority, though only if the supplicants are in true danger of worsening.

This fairly widespread use of healing magic has, over time, brought the mortality rate among the common man down to astoundingly low levels and have allowed a middle class to thrive amongst the city-states.

The Church of The Maker

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