Stonehill is one of the oldest of the established city-states. The Mage Academy resides in a massive tower in the center of the city. Though the mages hold a relatively large amount of power within the city, they keep themselves separate from the bulk of politics in Stonehill. Their primary concern is the Academy and its safety.


Stonehill is a benevolent dictatorship, ruled by Archduke Pancrazio Jurre. He has a small cadre of advisers, who act as both heads of bureaucracy and informants. They are:

Eerik Madai
Amalia Soli
Mileena Juryt
Phillip Allone
Nadja Carradog

The Mage Academy

The city skyline is dominated by the spire that rises from a walled plaza in the center of the city. The Mage Academy is ostensibly open to any who wish to learn the arcane arts. Its entry requirements are simply that the potential applicant can cast one or two cantrips and prove that they can pay the tuition fees.

In reality, the Academy is insular, exclusive, and very protective of its secrets. Any who make it past the initial entry exam are subjected to a battery of tests designed to assess the candidate’s potential and aptitude for sorting into a particular school of magic. Many who seek entry are denied. Those that are permitted to leave are placed under a geas that prevents them from revealing any potential secrets they may have been privy to while undergoing the testing. The rest are rarely seen again, and then only in service to an Academy mage.

The heads of each school are:

Beitriss Themba, Master Abjurer

Abilene Martialis, Master Conjurer

Renat Derdrau, Master Diviner

Alastair Shivalian, Master Enchanter

Stathis Ranaulf, Master Evoker

Besnik Cowess, Master Illusionist

Leland Sammael, Master Necromancer, a Mortifier of the NecroGuild (teaches only basic necromancy, sends any who wish to continue to Aldbarrow to study)

Ragnar Emany, Master Transmuter

The Mage Academy has its own code and those who “graduate” from its spire are held to these tenets on promise of death… or worse. Rogue mages are hunted down mercilessly, lest the collected city-states decide the Academy is not worth the concessions given to it in trade for the usefulness of its members.

Some mages exist who did not study at the Academy. These “hedge wizards” or “sorcerers” are looked upon with fear and suspicion by most. Without a governing body of peers, magic-users are seen as dangerous, with the potential for such an individual to head down the dark path of the renegades of old. Such beings usually live in hiding, as the Academy is notorious for sending mages to “recruit” them… or kill them if they refuse.


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