The city-state of Greybridge is unique among the Tarkenian Regions. While the center of most city-states lay within fortified walls (normally either man or dwarf made), the city of Greybridge resides on a massive island in the middle of the second largest lake on the continent, Muerlin Lake. The city gets its name from the enormous grey stone bridges that link the island with the mainland.


Greybridge is a hereditary monarchy, the current ruler of which is King Borus van Feltnor IV. He is well liked by his people and considered by most to be a fair, if slightly distant, ruler. He is assisted in his duties by a small council, made up of five councilors and the King’s Conscience (his primary adviser).

The Council members are:

Onvyr Rivvikyn, the King’s Consicence (elf male)
Prima Sera, Minister of Finance (human female)
Barder Fallowfoot, Minister of Arts (halfling male)
Tarron Arren, Minister of Law (half-elf male)
Benjamin Gorefast, Minister of the Ward, General of the standing army (human male)
Glyn Stonefist, Minister of Orders, Guild Commissioner (dwarf female)
Lyla von Graff, Minister of Theory, Royal Envoy (human female)

The Bridges of Greybridge

Greybridge has long been a popular destination for travelers due to its ornately carved stone bridges. There are four bridges, one in each cardinal direction.

It is unknown who originally made the bridges, though many speculate that they were dwarf-made due to the precision and sturdiness of their construction.

The northern bridge is called the Gate of Man, as its carvings include extraordinarly life like statues of unknown human-like figures. Numbering twenty in all, the figures are garbed in various regalia, from intricate robes to stunning suits of armor. Though none living know who the original subjects were, numerous stories have circulated as to who and what the figures represent.

The eastern bridge is known as the Door of Terror. Its head high walls are covered in frescoes of monsters of old opposed by human, elven and dwarf warriors. The pictures depict grand battles, with the humanoid figure wielding both weapon and magic. The frescoes exhibit a faint magical aura, which explains how they have lasted for centuries without fading. It is one of the most popular bridges among the younger visitors, many of whom walk it at night in attempts to prove themselves to their friends. It is said that on occasion during the dark hours the illustrations actually move and seem to come to life, though properly documented cases of such have yet to be made.

The southern bridge is dubbed the Lighted Gate. The stone used in its construction shows a faint sheen in most light. One can see tiny particles of some sort of quartz-like material imbedded in the geometric carvings that cover the bridge. For a half hour in the morning and at dusk, the light of the sun strikes these particles just right and creates a dazzling display of colors. The carvings seem to move and writhe, ribbons of color sliding along the grooves and creating a brilliant show. Scholars from near and far come to try and divine the meaning of the movements within the patterns. A group of dwarven scholars, known as the Luminous Contingent, have been studying the Lighted Gate for over 200 years. They are notoriously secretive and rarely entertain any questions.

The western bridge is known simply as the West Bridge. Of the four, this bridge alone is unadorned and seems to be simply utilitarian. It is also the bridge which has generated the most theories on just why it is so plain. Countless stories have been told about supposed secrets the bridge holds, from unknown passages into or under the city to portals to other planes which are only accessible at certain times or by convoluted methods. As of the present, no being has discovered anything mysterious or hidden in, on, or under the structure.

Tensions with Clearwilde

Recently, the regent of Clearwilde sent a missive implicating agents of Greybridge’s crown in the theft of the Stones of the Benevolent Silence. King Feltnor was outraged by such accusations and replied with a scathing counter, denouncing the Lord Baron and his false claims.

Since receipt of the King’s reply, relations with Clearwilde have soured significantly and the security of the city-states have elevated. Small skirmishes between scouting parties, attacks on outlying farms and lodges, and rumors of a full blown war between the city-states’ respective spy organizations seem to be driving the states towards an inevitable conclusion… war.


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