Grey Dwarves

Before wars leading to The Fall, the dwarves held a great conclave to discuss the approaching storm. Most held that they should step forward and assist the allied armies against the renegades. Reports of the experiments on dwarves that led to the creation of the orcs and blood orcs stirred many a dwarf heart to anger.

But, there were some that felt such a thing to be outside the dwarven purview. These dwarves raised their voices against any martial action and instead advocated the sturdy race remove themselves from the outside world. They were quickly shouted down by those incensed by the reports of mutilation and fleshcrafting.

The dissenters turned from the rest of their people and dug further into the mountains, down into the dirt and rock. They walled the passages behind them and turned their eyes to selfish pursuits of gold and gems, determined to ignore the “squabbles” of the outside world.

Over time, the dwarves became accustomed to their deep underground life. Their skin turned an ashen gray. They gained the ability to enlarge themselves, allowing a quick bracing for tunnels that might be weak. Their initial selfishness turned into a xenophobic view of anyone outside their communities.

The grey dwarves were truly their own race. All they wished was to be left alone. But, then the drow came, fleeing the devastation of the dragons. The initial skirmishes and continued encroachment stoked the dormant rage in the hearts of the grey dwarves.

They decided that in order to be truly left in peace, none could be left who might disturb them. Ever since, the duergar, as they call themselves, have waged a never ending war of extermination upon all other races, determined to end any possibility of disruption to their society.

Grey Dwarves

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