Esterfall is the second largest city-state in the Tarkenian Regions. It is the home of the High Temple of The Maker. This makes it a very important site to all the city-states of the Region and, therefore, one of the most defended. The only city-states that are more fortified are Redkeep to the south and Snowmont to the north. It also maintains a massive standing army, second only to that of Greybridge.


Esterfall is a theocratic monarchy, ruled publicly by Queen Ariadne Kohl. The queen is advised by a council made up of the Pastorate of the Aspects, the leaders of the respective Aspects of The Maker. The council is led by the High Priest Artem Vilho, Arbiter of the Aspects and Royal Advisor.

Many say that it is High Priest Vilho that rules from behind the scenes and the Queen is a mere puppet to the whims of the Church. Those who do so publicly are swiftly dealt with, the severity of the punishment meted based on the frequency of the offender’s proclamations.

The law of Esterfall is based on doctrine, though the laws themselves have evolved over time. The finer details of the law are generally left to the clergy and its Procurators. Few outside the Merchants and the guilds can afford a lengthy trial, but some Procurators will stand with accused who are known to be pious and dedicated to the Church for little to no compensation, save a donation to the Church coffers of what they can afford.

The average commoner knows the primary dictates, based on the Doctrines of High Law in the holy texts.

- One may kill only in defense of self or of others.
- One must provide recompense for goods or services, else he has stolen from his fellow.
- One shall be truthful in dealing with their fellows and a contract signed is a contract bound.
- One shall speak no heresy.
- One shall show deference to the clergy and monarch, and bow one’s head upon first meeting.
- One cannot carry a weapon unbound, save for the guard and standing army.


Esterfall is a common beginning and ending for pilgrims throughout the Region. Many make the journey to the Hall of Pilgrims from as far away as Aldbarrow and all points in between.

It is seen as a sign of true devotion to The Maker and any clergy beyond the lay priest must make the journey before they can rise in position. Semi-regular caravans escorted by Mercenaries arrive and depart once or twice most weeks. The journey is dangerous and many who seek to make the trek do not arrive at their destination.


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