Dureg Region

The Dureg Region lies to the west of Aelwyne. A savage mockery of the city-states in the Tarkenian Regions, Dureg is ruled by Sauchi , a hobgoblin warlord. He dominates the region with an iron fist, laws enforced by his large standing hobgoblin army and a clan of hill giants. The bulk of the population is made up of hobgoblins, blood orcs, goblins and ogres. Other monstrous races reside in the region in less substantial numbers.

Sporting Pits

After he had conquered the region, Sauchi realized that the threat and application of violence would not suffice to prevent his fledgling city-state from descending into anarchy. He founded a series of gladiatorial houses in order to cater to the vicious instincts of the populace.

Originally, the pits were primarily filled by those monstrous humanoids looking to prove themselves in combat against each other and great monsters captured from the wilds. The population flocked to the sporting pits, the spectators wagering on and roaring their enthusiasm for the carnage. The warlord knew he’d found the way to keep his subjects under control.

Sauchi further catered to the crowds’ bloodlust by bringing in members of the “civilized” races through use of a group of slavers known as the Chains. Dwarves were especially prized.

More exotic “competitors” have been thrown into the pits. Even the rare dragonborn have seen the blood soaked sands of the arena. The strained peace among the citizenry of the Dureg Reahion holds… as long as the pits continue to provide brutal entertainment to the crowds.

Dureg Region

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