The drow elves are the descendants of the renegade elvenkind from before The Fall.

The separatist elvenkind were among the hardest hit by the rage of the dragons. Their cities, laboratories and flesh pits were scoured from the surface of Eorde by cleansing fire, leaving only ash. Those that survived did so by fleeing far underground, seeking shelter within the labrynthine corridors that once held their most dangerous and secretive experiments.

Over time, these elves, for they could no longer claim the title of elvenkind, worked their vile magics upon themselves, crafting their own flesh to one that could thrive in the dark. Their skin was blackened to help them blend into the shadows, able to hide and move about amongst the dangerous gloomy depths. Their eyes were adjusted to see without light, though such a change had the side effect of causing the elves to have extreme difficulty in bright light.

Their society remade itself in the image of the values they once held dear, valuing deceit and magic prowess over strength or morality. Slaves captured from the upper world (and culled from the weak amongst their own) formed the foundation for a decadent, corrupt culture. The renegades had been dubbed “drow” by their kin, translating to “betrayer” or “traitor” in the language of man. They adopted this name for themselves in defiance of their former lives.

Since The Fall, the drow have proven themselves to be a canny and dangerous enemy to those who live above ground. None but the dark elves know what sinister plans fester within their hearts, but all the races grasp the truth that the drow will never allow peace as long as any live free of their influence.


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