Little is known about the origins of the dragonborn. Their race is comparatively young in respect to most other races.

When the dragonborn first appeared a few years after The Fall, they were more numerous, separated into clans and living in the wildlands. Initial meetings between the other races were met with violence and death, as most saw them as some new form of dragon come to continue the devastation.

After some time, the races found an uneasy peace, due for the most part to a pair of clans that strove for peace between the dragonborn and the other races. These clans, the Finescales and the Goldclaws, forged a treaty of sorts. For decades, the peace stood firm, though now and then, an ambitious clan would cause trouble, raiding and looting small border villages of the various “civilized” races.

A group of zealots dedicated to the demigod Tarken took it upon themselves to eradicate the dragonborn from Eorde, seeing them as a precursor to the return of the dragons. They thought by destroying the forerunners, the dragons would stay in retreat. After the first few attacks on the dragonborn clans, Thus, a new round of bloodshed began. The zealots considered these attacks and retaliations to be great wars. Many of their descendants in the present day still consider themselves guardians of the “civilized peoples” and are swift to retaliate against any of the dragonborn clans which still act as raiders and bandits, living in the wildlands and refusing to try to incorporate themselves into the society of the city-states.

In this day, they are rare on Eorde. Due to The Fall and the “wars” of the past, they are at best tolerated by those they encounter. Many times, such meetings end in violence. Their association with the dragons brings little more than anger, resentment, and fear.

A few have manged to incorporate themselves into society at large. In Aelwyne, the Many Teeth clan resides in a ghetto known derisively as “Dragontown.” But, for the most part, the race is seen only in singles or pairs, at best.


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