Clearwilde is located near the southern tip of the Tarkenian Regions. It is notable for its mild weather and proximity to the largest lake on the eastern side of the continent, the Soundless Waters. No one truly knows why the weather stays in such a calm state around the lake, though many surmise it is due to some residual great magics cast by the highmen of old. Clearwilde was once a popular area for visitors, but tensions with Greybridge have kept most travel into and out of the city-state restricted to caravans and the very brave (or very foolish).


Clearwilde is an aristocratic oligarchy, governed by a group of ten Barons and a Lord Baron.

Feire Letenire, The Lord Baron (half-elf male)
Janna Broagiana (elf female)
Ehlark Talesspur (elf male)
Mahzar Steensen (human male)
Christianna Oman (human female)
Flavian Toftlian (human male)
Arteman Reyander (human male)
Otakar Dalaistan (half-elf male)
Luana Masin (half-elf female)
Fleur Santonie (human male)
Hermes Ghalcolbhair (halfling male)

Impereon Fishing

Clearwilde is not only known for its remarkably tranquil weather, but also for the unique manner that its large population of fishermen employ to ply their trade… the impereon.

Though most of the fish of the Soundless Waters are edible and caught for food and trade, the black lake bream stands out as the most sought after. The bream is quite adept at avoiding the usual methods of fishing, slipping past nets and ignoring baited hooks. The local fishermen were only able to discern how to catch them after observing a local avian species, the impereon. The impereon is a large predatory bird that lives only in the calm area claimed by Clearwilde. It is also the only known above water predator of the black lake bream, able to dive at incredible speeds and slip into the water, emerging with its cagey prey.

Through long trial and error, the populace was able to finally utilize a consistent method of nabbing the elusive bream. The training is difficult, as the impereon must be raised by its master from an egg and trained for a period of eight months. The training is arduous and requires a strict regimen for both pupil and master. Only the most dedicated are able to tame the stubborn impereon. But, for those who are successful, the impereon is a fiercely loyal companion and can make its master a tidy profit.

The difficulty of the taming regimen has restricted impereon fishing to a few families who closely guard the secrets of the process. These families, raised to nobility in years long past, have their own unique methods of raising the impereons and have carefully bred their charges to work best with said methods. The Swiftwing family boasts a breed that can reach greater diving speeds than any other. The Farsights’ birds are well known at being able to spot their prey at greater distances than their rivals. And the Talonscars are notorious for their particularly vicious strain of the predator, often injuring or killing any competing impereons while fishing.

Rising Tensions

Long ago, before the Fall, Clearwilde was known by a different name, one lost in the fog of time. The city boasts a significant collection of artifacts from the time before, including a stunning pair of gemstones with a minor enchantment upon them. These gems are collectively known as the Stones of the Benevolent Silence. While holding , a troubled mind is calmed and clear thought is effortless. The Stones have been used for centuries to allow leaders, clergy and more to help them make decisions and discuss matters of great import without the stumbling block of stressful or perturbing thinking.

Recently, the Stones went missing. No one observed the thieves, but evidence was left behind pointing to agents of a nearby city-state… Greybridge. So far, only accusations have been exchanged between the leaders of each state. But, the rising tensions between the two realms have begun to spill out beyond the borders… skirmishes between scouting parties, small caravans raided by suspiciously well equipped bandits, and outlying farms attacked in the night. No formal declarations of aggression have been issued, but if the Stones are not returned, it is only a matter of time.


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