Aldbarrow is likely the most infamous in the Tarkenian Regions. Before the Fall, it was a power base for the renegades. It was the location of one of their greatest and deadliest discoveries… necromancy. Residual necromantic magics allow for one of the unique qualities of the city-state’s culture: undead in accepted service to the living.

Undead Service

Aldbarrow resides upon a massive underground barrow, thus its name. The complex is the final resting place of many of the traitors’ victims. The entire area is steeped in necromantic energies. Because of this magical residue, necromancy spells are more potent than normal. Many wizards and sorcerers who have a particular affinity for such have become residents of the city-state over the years.

Using their talents, these magic-users have given rise to a new sort of class amongst the nobility… the servant undead. The bulk of the servant force is made up of zombies, usually made from those who died in service to the nobility and were particularly favored. It is seen as an honor to be selected to continue on in undeath. A way to continue their life’s work, so to speak.

The city’s armies are also augmented by several corps of skeletons, formed so due to their increased speed and agility. The skeletons, also called simply skulls, are outfitted in armor and normally armed with spears and short swords. Fearless and implacable, they form the front ranks of any battle force sent against an enemy. In some cases, an opponent was routed almost before the battle began due to their grinning visages, no feeling or mercy evident amongst the undead ranks.

The NecroGuild

The earliest necromancers knew they would need to band together to prevent competition between them escalating into outright animosity. Thus, they formed a guild to manage their daily affairs and interactions with each other and “customers.”

The head of the NecroGuild, known as the Ashlord, is a male half-elf named Darian Grimstride. An imposing figure, he is absolute in his loyalty to the guild. He has demonstrated an unwavering devotion to the laws of the guild and a terrible anger to any who would set themselves against his beloved organization.

Further ranks, in descending order, are:

Nail (as in coffin nail) – apprentice


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