Tag: redkeep


  • Brenn Maitalea

    Brother to [[:baroness-salesi-maitalea | Salesi Maitalea]]. He was the primary driving force behind her divorce from [[:kevin-pc | Rhosashi Veraxus]].

  • Velkin Balaris

    Velkin has been the primary tutor of the Vesconi children for generations, in human reckoning. He believes in a firm hand in teaching, covering what he sees as "the basics" while nurturing the talents of his students. It was Velkin who saw the arcane …

  • Lydia Sarkka

    A [[Tarken | Tarkenite]] priestess, head of Tarken's Rest in [[Redkeep | Redkeep]]. She is the primary caretaker of those inflicted with Tarken's Blight, discerning her duty to shepherd those suffering through the disease so that they can endure the trial …

  • Malk Dunwater

    Malk is known in the poorer districts of [[Redkeep | Redkeep]] as a peddler of both trinkets and knowledge. Most any of his inventory can be had for a price, but some things are more precious, and therefore more expensive, than others.