Rhosashi Veraxus

Adventurer. Lover. Fighter. Breaker of bones and brewer of beers.


Born as an abomination in the eyes of many, and raised to treat fear and loathing as the normal mode that the people of the world regarded him, Rhosashi Veraxus learned to learn hard into the hatred and prejudices of the world of men since before he could walk. And one thing he learned to great effect was that if he couldn’t get people to love him, he could jolly well get people to fear him. Growing up in the city of Redkeep, he educated himself, learning the techniques of the great masters of battle who had made their mark on the world, and he emulated their fighting styles to great effect. The taunts and jeers of “normal” children were often silenced by a snapped wrist or a blackened eye.

As he grew, finding work proved a difficult task, as nobody wanted to give coin to a monster such as Rhosashi. Honest work as a laborer proved impossible and he found it impossible to make his own way as a merchant, as his terrifying visage turned people away long before he had a chance to win them over. He was also denied entry into the Mercenaries Guild due to the bigotry of the So Rhosashi Veraxus did the only thing he knew to do that he truly excelled at. He fought. He enrolled himself in a local bloodsport arena, betting all of his meager fortune on himself. There being nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose, Rhosashi threw himself into the fight with reckless abandon – winning the day against all posted odds. He continued to enroll himself and again and again, he emerged victorious. He became something of a minor celebrity, and even drew a number of fans, bloodthirsty mobs who needed to vicariously affirm their own lives by seeing those of others defiled.

At the height of his fame, Rhosashi attracted the favor of a wealthy Baroness in the region, Salesi Maitalea. After a bloody fighting match, the Baroness invited Rhosashi to share her table, and many drinks with her, and then later that night, her bed. A three day bender followed, which culminated shocking everyone in Redkeep by joining in marriage at the high temple. The two hardly sobered up for a moment as they tore a swath of carousing upheaval around Redkeep, and Rhosashi delighted in the novelty of, for once, enjoying all the money and power that those who jeered at his fighting for entertainment did.

However, it was not to last. When Salesi Maitalea’s family learned of the hasty matrimony to the “Fighting Serpent”, they threatened to cut her off from her family and her fortune unless she divorced Rhosashi. With a heavy heart and gnashing teeth, Rhosashi was expelled from his now ex-wife’s opulent dwelling, and cast back out into the street. He returned to the bloodsport arenas where he remains to this day, his vindictive and angry fighting style earning him the nickname “Bones”, for all the broken limbs suffered in his wrathful matches.

Rhosashi Veraxus

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